Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Season In The Sky

I had a vision last night, my god was glowing
There was another bridge on fire

And the last wrecks were counted

The sky opened and the blood flowed

A distant cancerous season was upon me

I had a hook in my back and a light to guide me

My words were useless again

The leftovers were playing with my memories of love

I screamed at my god and he let me go

I drifted silently to the desert and began to pray

I came to a pile of ashes and sifted through it looking for teeth

A snake spoke through me again

But I could not heal their wounds

I'm searching for the old spirit of war

With my rough hands and a sharp knife

I need something to cut into so that my god can see me again

To be right again

To see my shadow alone

To get back to the hook and let the light burn in my soul

All I've seen walking through the fire

The figures in my dreams

Run back on me in a psychic scar

As I ride to the dawn

By: Neurosis, "The Eye Of Every Storm"

7 σχολια:

Puppet_Master said...

omologoumenos me evales se skepseis...

Puppet_Master said...

isws anaferetai ston xristo se mia oxi k toso evagelikh ekdoxh.

ΠΡΕΖΑ TV said...

Τις καλησπερες μου...

Puppet_Master said...

isws na milaei gia kapoion ekptoto aggelo pou girise pisw.
isws pali na mh lei tpt :)

fabulator said...

Ίσως και να μιλάει τελικά για τον εαυτό του. Η vision είναι πάντα η πιο προσωπική εκδοχή.Καλημέρα master.

Puppet_Master said...

mallon.twra na sou pw kalhmera atopo tha einai.kalhspera loipon.polu periergh istoria gia ama milaei gia ton eayto tou.

Mr.Fixit said...

Kalispera ki apo mena. Den kserw ean sas parhgorei, alla lene oti oi Neurosis (h mpanta sthn opoia anhkei to asma) exoun apo tous pio dysnohtous stixous sthn piatsa...