Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vision Of Iniquity

Throw my eyes in darkness
And walk a thorny path to nowhere
As daylight dies and shadows rise
Dream-clad nightmares start to wander

I desire thee…

Deliver me to the bleakest storm
And to this mightiest evil
Deliver me to the deadliest sin
The one thou weave like blessings

Thou, vision of iniquity
Emerging from the scarlet past
Venom in a sapphire chalice
To set my flesh into eternal dust

Deliver me to mightiest evil
I dare not retreat, as the fire stares at me
Deliver me to deadliest sin
Feeble spirit, to merciless iniquity

Εξαιτίας σου άρχισε ούτως ή άλλως αυτό το blog...Άντε, και καλή μας χρονιά...