Monday, July 9, 2007

Binary Thoughts

All I wanted was to find some truth
And I’ve ended with a handful of doubt, if this is truly my path.
All I longed for was some freedom
To finally see that freedom is a state of mind.
I knew that freedom’s never free, but never knew how much it costs.

All I wanted was to reach a goal
And I’ve ended here, battling through the obstacles day by day.
All I yearn for is the meaning, why am I here?
They made us choose too soon, my friend.
And we’ll know if we were right or wrong only when it’s just too late.
Now cope with it.
Just to see if you chose well.
But if you chose wrong, you won’t have time to repent.

Life is the art of producing adequate results when having inadequate information.
We had really, really few information, my friend.
And maybe we fucked up too soon.
Is this what we’re made for?
Are we still here just because we don’t wanna quit?
Who are you? Who am I?
Can you really answer for sure?
Then, how can you tell of what you wanna be
When you don’t even know what you really are right now?
They don’t care.

Credits: Αδελφός Παναγιώτης, Pain Of Salvation, Fates Warning, Nevermore.

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