Monday, September 24, 2007

Unanswered Questions

Through exhausted eyes I see/Semblances of faded normality/Through turns of fate I stare/At a soaring past that drags my soul behind/That drugs my mind through places I have cherished/Or hated/Is it real that I recall the pain/The tears and the screams/Of an age not too long gone/Is it real that I finger the scars/And translate it as knowledge I earned/Through merciless fights and incurable stabs/Have I won?/Steer clear from the pain/Or walk just right to it/To be this better man I am/Have I progressed?/I recall myself shouting/”Another battlefield to prove my worth”/Now stand and reckon/Have I proved it at all?/Memories drift as minutes roll by/Changes as penknives shape our times into past time/Left with unanswered questions/Left with unfinished business/Left with pending regrets/And unexpressed feelings/Steer clear from the pain/I’ve always steered clear to the pain/Yet it never ceases to live/Time, they say it heals/I’ve known that time merely kills/When left with unanswered questions/Time is the pain, not the healer/When left with unexpressed feelings/Time is but a bus of shouting regrets/But a clock made of guilt and of shame/The most painful realization/That we’ll never be the same/That we’re left with unanswered questions/

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