Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Their genocidal war is declared - we declare our secession
And suffer reprisals, proscription, arrests

Like our brothers and sisters in cell blocks, on shopfloors, in cages

We're marked for death

They buy, sell, and enslave us

We break from their mazes

They starve out escapees, gut our hearts, cut our ties

We sow seeds and bear fruit

They clearcut and uproot

We survive...We thrive

Bridges are for burning, as tables are for turning

And nothing they offer could ever ease this yearning

Better wounds than regrets, better doomed than suppressed

But we're not doomed just yet

We are sparks in the night

In this empire of ice

We set fires in the streets and the hearts of their young

They destroy and devour

But we'll heal all the damage they've done

And when we shatter their silence

And they answer with violence

We'll dance in the shackles and sing through the trial

They are banking on death

But we'll outlive them yet

Though they've bulldozed our heartlands

And brainwashed our families

And poisoned our passions

And smothered all hope from our souls

We survive

By: Requiem, "Storm Heaven"