Friday, June 15, 2007

The Dream Striding Away

The lights get further, in the distance they fade
As I stand in silence, a lifetime’s dream drifts away
You walk by me, a twist of fingers in the myth of the night
And I’m so scared you never even cared to stare inside…

The lights get dimmer, but they scorch my soul
How can fire fade so fast, yet long enough to burn me whole
You flare before me, then I look and you’re not there
The flames of this reverie I never even dared to bear…

So drifting away - You get devoured by this city
The Dream striding away – Your face be the face of my hope
So drift away - I know you’ll never know this feeling
Dream, stride away – I know you’ll never know…

The lights turn off now, the echoes dying down
I make my way towards home yet it’s nowhere to be found
Stranger, you’re not here, do I dare to think you’d be?
I fear you’re only just too much a man can dream…

Λυκαβηττός, 13-06-2007. Suite Sister Stranger, για Σένα.

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Puppet_Master said...

i'll get the ice