Monday, March 19, 2007

Assonance Of Undreamt Dreams

Raptured voices.
In circles they drown, in circles they huddle above me.
Yet in your words...I heard them speak.

Ravaging waves.
In spirals they bleed, in spirals they howl before me.
Yet in your shining eyes I heard them scream.

For the winter bares no more my wounds and their name.
For the ocean in me needs no more to be tamed.

Late am I, but yet I sing.
I dared to breathe your taste and writhe in sin.
I dared to hear your precious sound,
You, assonance of undreamt dreams.

Late am I, but yet I sing.
Before doors made of riddles I was lost for a blink.
In the flux of this eternal moment,
I stopped and took a glance of what's real.

Through all the faces you wore.
And through all the voices you spoke.
Through all that is not what it seems,
Remains the real you, the assonance of undreamt dreams.

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