Monday, March 15, 2010

Love is psychedelic

Love is psychedelic,

Love is something that always take my body and soul to a paradise,

Love gives you mysterious experience sometimes;

This is a strange and unusual story

That I've actually experienced.

Here I was, being amused by the grooves

Thinking daily about you,

On the dance floor

Suddenly, a magical sensation

Was created in me.

Then this guy finally got completely out of me

Turns out that he had flipped all shiny chunk of light

And it was floating in front of me.

Then the next moment,

This guy, well I mean this chunk of my love for you

Started flying up to the ceiling slowly,

And smashed into the mirror ball hanging there

Then it fell apart with this intense flash

It became thousands of millions of dots of lights,

And expanded to all over the place

And started spinning around with the music.

I can't believe that my sweet love for you

Is taking over the whole dance floor now

But the next thing I knew

I got back to myself.

Was it illusion or was it real?

Oh, by the way, I might have drank too much.

Here I was, being amused by the grooves,

Thinking daily about you on the dance floor

Again, the magical, strange sensation came into me.

Suddenly you knew, the sweet chunk of my love for you came out of me.

I was looking at this landscape,

Wow, I'd only seen it on TV, and once in an encyclopedia.

And this guy was growing bigger and bigger

And then flying into the sphere of darkness.

It grazed Mars, made a circle around Jupiter,

Slid over a hoop of Saturn,

By the time it had reached Uranus and Pluto

It had grown into a remarkably big,

Then crashed to Neptune

With a dramatic flash

Innumerable amounts of stars were born,

In a jet of black opus

Then the whole Universe started spinning around me,

Just like a planetarium.

God, how beautiful.

Oh, how divine.

I can't believe that my sweetest love for you

Has taken over the whole Universe now.

I am sure the shine of the stars

Would take me to the height

Of happiness

I was deeply, deeply touched.

I almost started crying.

Oh, what a wonderful moment.

But then, again I came back to myself.

Here I was dancing at the center of the dance floor

The mirror balls were spinning around as always.

And the dots of lights were making beautiful patterns in the air.

What was what I saw, just a while ago?

Was I seeing an illusion,

Was I being real?

I just don't know.

Well, I must have drank too much, anyway.

You see, that nice, and smooth groove that the DJ was playing

Must have gotten more incredible,

Because of my drunkenness.

But what I can say, for sure,

Is that sometimes love can make you experience something very mysterious.

And no matter what,

I am truly in love with you.

Love is psychedelic,

Love always take my body and soul to a paradise,

Love is psychedelic,

Love is psychedelic,

Love is psychedelic.

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