Monday, August 17, 2009

Temple Of Sentient Sadness

Staring through closed eyes to clandestine lands
A fantasy too cold to touch with bare hands
Is it blood that I'm weeping?
Hurting secrets I've been keeping
I'm kneeling within, to a prayer of sin
Repent and forsake that I'm breathing

The sky is a holy cemetery stone

And it stands as a reason to madness
And a world crawls beneath so bemoaned
Like a temple of sentient sadness

I've been searching for a cause

And ended up with ashes grown cold
Wandered through stranger cities
Where nothing ever satisfied my soul

-And maybe all the world's a stage, but there are too many grand finales and no worthy script for us to act. Just like too many exits, but no corridors to run. Just like a temple, a circular room with nowhere to go to.-

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