Friday, November 23, 2007

The Pledge To Eternity

I stared at the cloudy sky and I knelt on the soggy soil
I bawled to my fate and I yearned for an answer
Who brings forth every foe on my path
And who grants me the will and the murderous wrath

I handled my blade and I shuttered my sopping eyes
What tide awaits to swathe my ever-going step
What traitors stand clad in the cloaks of my allies
And what martyr will ascend from his grave as a tyrant

And the howling of the wolves that rides on the wind
Shall nevermore hold me back from my road
And the desire to break the fetters of all that is sacred
Shall guide my raging sword arm until the end

Taste the blood flowing in the wind
Who prays for me?

A clarion call against every doctrine and moral code
And a rusted bell’s toll against those who carry the word
Reawakening the pride and the memory
And the rage against those who preach love by the sword

Believe in the strong
Fight off the weak
Worship none

I stared at the cloudy sky and I knelt on the soggy soil
I handled my blade and I opened my tranquil eyes
All truth was revealed like no vision could be

All faith was clear as all gods howled from deep within me

7 σχολια:

Puppet_Master said...

tromero.epic style :P
farewell soldier...

blogger16-Stefania said...

Exw mia aporia... T simainei h le3i ''soggy''?.............

Mr.Fixit said...

Soggy=nwpos, vregmenos.

Thanx gia thn aporia sou, shmainei oti me diavazei kai kanenas allos, haha :P

blogger16-Stefania said...

K alles 2 le3eis:vision k howled t simainoun?

3erw,3erw,s espasa ta neura...

Mr.Fixit said...

vision: orama h orash, analogws ta symfrazomena
howl: ourliazw

blogger16-Stefania said...

K t ''soil''?

Mr.Fixit said...

Soil shmainei xwma...alla me to sympa8eio kiolas, pws to diavases to poihma?